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feel the fear and
do it anyway


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Dear People of The Page, I kinda hate all the movements that become cliche so fast that your head spins. And yet, I love the idea of creating a year or a life of saying "Yes". I think the problem with the "Yes" movement is we usually only hear it from people who are trying to sell us things or get us to buy into ideas or movements. I'm guilty as charged, but don't let my desire to invite you into a life of full bodied sexuality turn you off to me cheering you on about putting more "Yes" in your life. What I have learned is the only place that "No" has gotten me anywhere is when other people have said "No" to me. Their "No" has always created my own "Yes" and sent me in another direction of creation and opened my heart to new people, ideas and even a new life purpose. Being a "Yes" kinda woman has always won for me. I believe that you can’t leave a legacy by sitting back and hoping the world will create it for you. If you wait patiently for someone else's "Yes", you might be waiting forever. You need to get up and go after what you want and stop telling yourself you’ll agree to create amazing life changes tomorrow. You know, that adventure, that whatever. While it’s good to say ‘yes’ to relaxing whenever you really need it, it’s even better saying yes to going out there and creating your own history, telling the naysayers to fuck off and, at times, your own luck. Go get lucky. Get some "Yes". Image: @jongunnargylfason

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