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The Influencer Times

The Influencer Times is an all-in-one website for social media and work related content of Influencers: successful individuals in the world who can act as a benchmark & inspiration for success.

Each influencer page on our website includes the respective influencer’s social media, work achievements as well as our own cultural touch; a Kanji character for each influencer that we believe best portrays the way they lead their life.

What exactly is an “Influencer”?

The Influencer Times was created around the belief that everyone has to start from somewhere and that being an influencer means much more than fame or the number of followers.

At first sight, you may have thought the term Influencer applied to only celebrities and business moguls who make it on the Time magazine, and although these individuals are also on our website, we strongly believe that there are many more people in the world who deserve recognition as influencers.

Each influencer on this website goes through a rigorous criteria and research before being posted on The Influencer Times. We want to create an ecosystem whereby fans, curious visitors, and even influencers themselves can easily access information about successful professionals of the world.

We wish to promote societal development & growth through further awareness of each influencer, the mastery of their craft & profession, and to perhaps instill inspiration to readers to one day become an influencer as well.

The Influencer Times Criteria

Each influencer’s content and information published on our website have been carefully picked and researched by our employees prior to including information such as social media links, works, achievements and additional information.

Some of the factors we take into account:

We value the safety and privacy of every individual on The Influencer Times and truly believe that it can offer a comprehensive page for fans and readers to easily access information while simultaneously promoting each influencer’s works, achievements and social media presence.

For further information and/or inquiries, please refer to the Contact Us page.

*Please note that the information posted on this website is as of August 2018 – for the most recent information about the influencers, please refer to their respective social media accounts. We cannot assist you with any inquiries you have pertaining to the influencer’s content on this web page.

About Us

Atom Legal Intelligence Corporation, Inc.

Founded in 2016, Atom Legal Intelligence Corporation, Inc. is an IT and Web Solutions company based out of Tokyo, Japan.

Our mission is to bring the ‘blessed rain’: by using the latest IT solutions, we strive to make a meaningful contribution to society by uncovering the scattered needs of providers and consumers and effectively matching supply with demand. By bringing the ‘blessed rain’ to our clients and society, we strive to turn nothing into something, good into great, and ordinary to extraordinary. We are firm believers of the Kaizen (continuous improvement) approach and consistently strive to improve under the highest standards in our pursuit for perfection.

From the very inception of Rainmaker Inc., we set out to accomplish an ambitious mission of building a platform that promotes exchange and interaction on a global scale, whereby even the most scattered and latent networks in society can transact with anyone in the world. By leveraging the user demands extracted through our one-of-a-kind web marketing system, our platform acts as global ecosystem promoting information exchange and transactions between buyer and seller.

The close-knit family environment here at Atom Legal Intelligence Corporation, Inc. fosters curiosity and innovative ideas and our employees are strongly encouraged to introduce new ideas and ways to improve.

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