Creative ways to make money with your Twitter account

Posted on March 25, 2019

Making money on Twitter is difficult for most people. In order to make money on Twitter, you'll have to devote a large amount of time in building a large network of followers.

Even though you'll need a large number of followers and social engagement, you should see it as a challenge!

This page will introduce some of the best ways to make money on Twitter.

Way #1

1. Sell your products

If you own a product, why not sell it on Twitter? You'll be able to make money and spread word efficiently through Tweets on the platform.

If you don't own a product, don't worry - be creative and sell anything you may have laying around at home! Use Tweets with hashtags to spread the word!

Way #2

2. Use an app to communicate with your followers

If you're looking for a creative way to make money, use Callmart. Callmart is a C2C marketplace that enables your followers to call you over the phone, and you can even set the price per minute of your choosing!

Callmart is super convenient because it lets you share your listing's URL directly to Twitter with just a tap of a button. Use it to let all your followers know!

Way #3

3. Become an affiliate marketer

Make money on Twitter by becoming an affiliate marketer. You can promote products for other companies to generate an extra income!

Make sure to do enough research on the types of affiliate programs out there. You'll want to find one that matches your interests and needs, of course!

Ready to start earning?

Now that you're equipped with more information, begin by downloading Callmart - the free C2C communication marketplace app.