Helen Vaughan

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Psychotherapist & owner of Maynooth Counselling

You should never be afraid to speak out about your hardships and difficulties - we are all human in the end. This counselor will not only listen to your issues, but more importantly sympathize with you and provide you with the tools to become more confident.

Out of the myriad of topics to touch upon in podcasts, learn from this individual the best way to combine interest and skill as a podcaster.

Being able to garner attention by communicating your observations through effective commentating is a highly valuable skill that can apply to any industry or situation in life.


Investigating …

feel the fear and
do it anyway


Let us now introduce a suitable Kanji that depicts the way Helen Vaughan lives. Kanji is ingrained in the Japanese culture with each character having a different meaning. 鋭敏 is a common trait that every successful counselor must possess. We feel that the Kanji character below best captures the essence of this influencer.


This Kanji means…Acuity

Helen Vaughan is an intriguing counselor with an inspiring story. Want to know more? Please check their social media!


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