Effective ways to earn money using Twitter

Posted on March 25, 2019

If you're among many individuals in the world that have tried to earn money on Twitter, you'd know how difficult this can be to achieve.

There are no shortcuts, and you'll certainly need a large following on the platform in order to make a good amount of money.

This blog will provide you with knowledge on the best ways to earn money on Twitter.

Method #1

1. Advertise your products

Advertising your own products on Twitter can be an effective way to earn money, provided you have something to sell.

Make sure to use hashtags, and take a look at the trending hashtags to really expand the reach of your Tweets.

Method #2

2. Let your followers call you via an app

If you've got a good number of followers on your Twitter account, use Callmart to earn money efficiently. Callmart is a communication app that makes it possible for you to charge your followers a fee per minute for calling you on the phone.

Once you have Callmart downloaded on your phone, just create a listing, then share your listing's URL by Tweeting it - all your followers will be able to access your service directly!

Method #3

3. Be an affiliate on Twitter

Earn money on Twitter through affiliate marketing programs online. Of course, you'll need a certain number of followers in order to promote products for other companies, so make sure you've taken care of that before starting.

Surf the Internet for affiliate programs that you personally have an interest in; don't just accept any offer!

Let's make money!

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