Methods to Make Money on Instagram

Posted on March 25, 2019

Although Instagram is one of the most popular apps of this generation, it's extremely challenging to make money on the platform.

Even if you've been working hard on growing your Instagram account, you won't be able to monetize your account if you don't know about the right measures to take.

This blog post will teach you several ways to make money on Instagram, and provide you with advice on the best ways to do so!

Method #1

1. Become a micro-influencer

A "micro-influencer" is anyone who has a lot of knowledge in their area of interest, and regularly gives industry advice to their followers on social media. In order to make money as a micro-influencer, you'll have to focus on increasing the engagement rate of your Instagram account.

Once you've become a micro-influencer, you can use your social media presence to make money in multiple ways - for example, you can even create your own products to sell on Instagram!

Method #2

2. Make money by using a smartphone app

One of the best methods to make money on Instagram is by communicating with your followers through a smartphone app called "Callmart". This app lets you charge your followers a fee to have a conversation with you over the phone, and you get paid immediately after a call has ended. Best of all, it's free!

Once you have Callmart downloaded on your phone, create a listing. All you've got to do is set a price per minute for your listing, choose a picture and write a short description, and you'll be ready to sell on the Callmart marketplace!

Method #3

3. Sponsorships

If you've already got a decent number of followers on your Instagram account and have a solid engagement rate, you can make money through affiliate sponsorships, and/or advertising brand products on your Instagram posts.

Don't go overboard on the amount of affiliate sponsorship posts - people will start unfollowing you if they think you're greedy. Instead, find the right balance and make your posts entertaining!

Ready to start earning?

We hope you can use these methods to further strengthen your potential to make money on Instagram. Make sure to download Callmart, the free C2C communication app that enables you to make money from phone calls!