3 Ways to Make Money using your Business Blog

Posted on March 25, 2019

Wondering about how to make money using your business blog? As you may already be aware, making an income from blogging can take a very long time, and even then it's not guaranteed.

Of course, there is plenty of knowledge on the internet for you to get more out of your blog.

This page will show you how to make money with the help of your business blog.

Way #1

1. Coach others

Use your business blog as a site to also mentor your readers in the art of business. If you're an expert in something, there's surely an opportunity to make money with your blog by mentoring others!

At the start, you might have difficulty in finding clients, but keep chipping at it by promoting your coaching service across all your social media profiles. People will eventually come!

Method #2

2. Enable readers to call you

The second way to make money with your business blog is by using a smartphone app called Callmart. Callmart will allow you to charge your readers a fee for each minute of a conversation on the phone. Let your readers communicate with you on a 1:1 basis for some extra cash!

The best thing about Callmart is that you get paid instantly after a phone call has ended between you and your buyer. Of course, you can set any cost per minute for your phone call!

Way #3

3. Review products on your blog

If you've never heard of affiliate marketing, it's actually very simple - you earn a commission for recommending products and/or services to people who read your blog. If done right, you can easily make money with your business blog with this method.

When looking for an affiliate marketing network, it's imperative that you have a personal interest in the product you're promoting. Build trust with your readers, and you'll some results from your marketing efforts!

Start your quest to make money!

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