Ways to Earn Money on Instagram

Posted on March 25, 2019

If you're looking to earn money on Instagram, you better be prepared for a long road ahead. The truth of the matter is, although many people have tried to make money on the popular social media platform, only a very few have succeeded in doing so.

Creating entertaining and unique posts is one part of the puzzle, but there are still other factors that will strongly determine how much money you can stand to make off Instagram.

We'll be introducing some conventional and unconventional ways to earn money on Instagram!

Way #1

1. Build a strong follower base

In order to earn money on Instagram, a strong follower base is crucial. So, what exactly is a strong follower base? Of course, the number of followers you have is important, but what you should focus the most on is the engagement rate of your posts. Once you have a solid engagement rate, you'll have various options to earn money!

Calculate your engagement rate on Instagram by doing a quick search online for "Instagram engagement calculator" - there will be plenty of sites that can calculate your engagement rate.

Way #2

2. Charge your followers using an app

If you're looking for a more unconventional way to earn money from your Instagram account, use Callmart. Callmart is a free global communication marketplace app that lets you earn money from phone calls with your followers.

Download Callmart and create a listing. Once you've set a fee per minute for your calls and filled out additional information for your listing, you can publish your listing on the marketplace! You should also share your listing's URL on your social media accounts so your followers can call you with ease!

Way #3

3. Affiliate posts

A common way to earn money on Instagram is to sell affiliate products, or advertise brand products on your posts. With that being said, there are typically some prerequisites, such as followers and engagement numbers, that are required in order to do this.

Even if you don't meet the requirements of many companies to sell their brands on your Instagram, you should be proactive and reach out to as many brands as you can. This will greatly increase your chances to make money from Instagram!

Let's make money!

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